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1. Choose a town and the lenght of the rental1. Choose a town and the lenght of the rental
2. Choose a vehicle2. Choose a vehicle
3. Set the details and Book3. Set the details and Book

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The car sharing platform was created with the purpose to match owners and renters.

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The questions you need to ask. FAQ

The address of picking up is set in the reservation process.


The address of returning of the vehicle is subject of agreement with the owner in the reservation process.


What steps should I undertake in case of car accident


How should I proceed if I cannot return the rented vehicle on time.


Part of the rent is being paid through the platform, the rest in cash to the owner before the start of the reservation.


In case of car breakdown, please contact 24/7 on our phone:0888 525 549


Listing your vehicle in is easy and intuitive, you only need to register and follow the steps.


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